Good news! You might never have to fill out another online dating questionnaire. Equally bad news: You might have to sacrifice your personal genetic information to find Mr. Right instead. Um, hooray...?

Dating site Scientific Match takes a swab of your genetic material, analyzes it and matches it to other singles in their database. They believe that they've identified the genetic information that determines whether or not you'll have chemistry with somebody-as in the polymer chain type, not the eyes meeting over cocktails. Membership to the site is around $2,000.

Scientific Match touts six benefits to its service: You'll love your new dude's BO, you'll have a better sex life, you'll have better orgasms, you're be less likely to cheat, you'll have better fertility odds, and your kids will have healthier immune systems because of the genetic diversity. Is this straight out of science fiction, or what?

Another site, Gene Partner, offers individual tests for about $100 and is not a stand-alone dating site -- instead they suggest using their genetic comparison as a companion to your favorite social networking services. Their theory? You date online to find out your "social compatibility" with your potential match, but the DNA test helps you determine "biological compatibility." Putting them together supposedly gets you the whole romantic enchilada.

In other words, you might not fall in love with the person, but at least when he leans in, you'll know that you're not related in any way. Kind of makes us wonder: Have you had enough bad blind dates to contemplate going DNA?