We love a man in uniform -- and when the guy in question is a hose-toting, flame-fighting New York City firefighter, we love him more when he leaves it on the floor.

That's exactly what 12 of New York City's bravest (and buffest) have done in the 2010 NYC Firefighter Gold Standard calendar. Better yet, they did it for charity. And no, we don't mean for womankind. The calendar's proceeds will benefit the city's Staten Island Burn Center.

Back in August, the New York Daily News had floated a rumor that while the guys were happy to bare their abs, the calendar would obscure the firefighters' faces. Turns out, a good idea is worth doing twice: It was actually a different 2010 daykeeper featuring another dozen six packs. (Quick: Can you do the math!?)

That one is entitled the City of the Brave Calendar, and, sure enough, you can't see the guys' mugs. But we're not entirely sure that it matters.

In any case, tomorrow night marks the launch party at P.D. Hurley's pub in New York: Beer, hot wings and even hotter firefighters from 6 to 9 p.m. It's an ingenious way to heat up a chilly winter night, and though, strictly speaking, it falls after our working hours, in the name of journalism, we'll be there.

Check back Wednesday for Lemondrop's exclusive interviews with Mr. January, February and, well, whoever else we can get our hot little notebooks close to without spontaneously combusting.

Oh, right: And if you'd like yourself 12 months' worth of 4 p.m. fantasies, both calendars are available at nyfirestore.com, though the guys without faces, for reasons unfathomable, are more costly. Check in, check back, and tell us which 2010 posse of guys you'd rather have rescue you from a burning building. Truly, we're torn.