beer-bottlesWe have a new winner in our annals of "isn't that Earth-shattering?" study results: This time, a recent survey of 2,000 men in the U.K. found that, when out on a date, guys are more attracted to women who order a brew in lieu of "girlier" drinks. (Note: We learned the same thing last year, though our survey was a little less formal.)

Of course, this study should be taken with a grain of salt, as well as a slice of lemon. The research comes from the BitterSweet Partnership, a British organization started by the U.K. arm of Molson Coors to "[discover] different types of beer and its role in women's lives."

What surprised us most was actually the ladies' behavior. According to the study, only one in 10 women typically orders a beer on a date. The dainty types surveyed reasoned that ordering beer would make them appear "masculine and unattractive." (If this claim is true, we've been masculine and not cute for years.)

What's really ridiculous is that while the survey claims that women who drink more beer are seen as "fun and independent," the BitterSweet Partnership seems to be doing its damnedest to make beer drinking as "girly" as downing a Cosmo. The site includes a list of "beer cocktails" like the "Kasteel Cru Mint & Lemon Julep" (beer, lemon juice, sugar, mint), that would girl-ify a Guinness.

Luckily for us, according to the dudes, it's actually a turn-on when women enjoy a cold, frosty one instead of sipping wine or a cocktail: Female beer drinkers are perceived as "sexy, confident, fun, and independent." And that much we could have told you.

What we want to know:
What drink could a guy order on a date that would totally turn you off?