Joanne Kent embezzled money to pay for a glamorous wedding.You can have your cake. You can eat it. But when you embezzle nearly three-quarters of a million dollars to pay for it, you can also expect to spend some time in jail.

The truth of the matter, though, is that if Joanne Kent hadn't made one tiny little error, she would have gotten away with embezzling that much money, and all of her friends would have spent the rest of their lives wondering how she paid for the complimentary cliff-top hotel (not rooms -- the entire hotel), fireworks displays and free Armani bracelets that made her wedding completely over the top.

Of course, now they all know how she did it -- she stole almost $750,000 from work by depositing it into her bank account under the guise of payments to other firms. She finally slipped up by making a large "payment" to a U.S. firm (actually her bank account) in pounds sterling instead of dollars.

Kent was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison, a sentence which was reduced to two years on account of her two small children, one of whom is only 8 weeks old and has hip problems. There will be a separate hearing to determine if the money can and will be paid back, so it looks like her bridesmaids better enjoy those bracelets while they last.

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