25 percent of guys have faked itIf you've ever felt guilty about faking it because you finally figured out 12-across and really needed to get back to your crossword puzzle ... eh. No biggie. According to one study, at least 25 percent of guys have done it, too.

The study was conducted by polling students at the University of Kansas, and found that while women tend to fake orgasm to protect the feelings of their partner, men do it because they just don't feel like having sex anymore -- usually because they're bored, drunk or realize that nothing's going to be happening anytime soon. The easiest way for a guy to fake one during sex was through the use of condoms, because who asks to inspect one of those after it's been "used"?

On the plus side, at least faking it keeps people from ridin' dirty. But couldn't everyone just start being more honest and saying they're bored? Think of all the extra housework that could get done, people. Your dishes could be clean right now.