When Lee and Jan Jones received their divorce papers in the mail, the British couple -- who had been married for about 20 years -- didn't really have anything left to do than just sign to the forms. But instead of relishing their new single lives, the Joneses realized they were making a big mistake.

Money problems rocked Lee and Jan's marriage, and the two separated in January 2009. While both admitted that they loved each other, they felt it was best to push for the divorce. However, when the papers finally came in the mail, the reality of breaking up really set in.

"I opened up the letter and thought, 'This is a bit final,'" Mrs. Jones told The Daily Mail. "We got together later that day, both clutching our set of papers, and we started saying, 'Are we making a mistake?'"

After meeting in person and talking about their situation, the U.K. couple realized they loved each other. And instead of splitting for good, the Joneses decided to remarry and have their 10 children (who range in age from 23 to 1) be the bridesmaids and groomsmen in the wedding.

"We thought it would be romantic to get married on Christmas Eve, but never thought we would be able to," Mrs. Jones said.

However after calling their local register office (city hall), the couple discovered an open slot for an 11 a.m. ceremony on December 24, which they quickly agreed to. The bride donned a pink, strapless wedding gown, and the bridal party wore "butterscotch-colored attendant gowns." Lee and Jan Jones celebrated their second wedding in front of 25 guests, including their children.

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