Kim Perez thankfully said yesIt's official: we have proposal fever. (After all, something's got to numb the pain of a life spent wearing sweatpants and eating Flaming Hot Cheetos.) This Weather Channel proposal is our favorite yet for its excellent use of green screen and the fact that it made the Weather Channel entertaining for one brief moment.

Halfway through her New Year's weather forecast
, Kim Perez started giggling, because her boyfriend Marty showed up. Then things got really out of control when he actually walked in front of the camera.

It was pretty obvious what he was there to do -- he gave a fairly standard pre-proposal speech, then dropped to one knee, while the green screen guy changed the image behind them from a map of the country to a big heart filled with the words "Will You Marry Me?"

Considering the fact that most viewers were probably just waiting around for the Local on the 8s, this makes for pretty compelling weather television.

See for yourself after the jump!

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