Tom Feltenstein wasn't afraid to put himself out there to find love -- he put himself on I-95. On a billboard. And it worked.

Turns out Tom's new wife, Cindy, never actually saw the billboard -- which read "Have Maid, Have Money, Would Love a Honey." (Oh, Tom.)

The couple told Florida news channel WPTV that they met by chance instead in Palm Beach, when their dogs started playing together. (Anyone else think this is starting to sound like a Diane Lane movie?)

"I think you just put yourself in the proper places and if the right one comes along, God bless it," Feltenstein told the TV station.

And did he ever put himself out there. The millionaire (whose bio says he was a multi-millionaire -- before his first marriage) not only paid for the billboard on one of the nation's most traveled highways, he published a book for gold-diggers: Lucrative Love. It's oh-so-subtle subtitle? "The Insider's Secret to Marrying Millions."

The intro alone is enough to give us the creepy crawlies: "Marrying for love puts you in the poor house, while marrying for money gets you a mansion in the hills and vacation home in Maui. Stop kidding yourself, and face reality. Someone's going to marry them, why can't it be you?"

Tom actually got hundreds of letters off of his billboard, and through his Web site, and Facebook, Twitter -- all of which provided contact forms for interested parties to apply to date him.

Who wouldn't melt at the words, "For dating requests please email an appropriate photo, phone number, and brief bio (100 words or less)?" He even offered women a chance to take a look-see at his privacy policy before sending off their own bio for his little black book.

But Tom was pickier than his profile, apparently. Thanks to Cindy, he's off the market, but the site is still up for you to find your own Prince Moneybags.

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