While most of us just give back gifts from a cheating ex (or you know, burn them), the Web has now made it possible for heartbroken girls to get over a guy in a more lucrative way.

Take Leanne Joseph, who found out her boyfriend of three years cheated on her with a co-worker a few days before Christmas. Her response: Posting all the gifts he gave her on eBay.

"Here for sale are a job lot of unwanted unopened Christmas Presents from my very ex-boyfriend," the 24-year-old from West Yorkshire, England, wrote on her auction post. "We fell out on the 22nd, and we will definitely not be getting back together... So I do not want anything that he had chosen for me..."

Joseph revealed that the presents may include items like jewelry, perfume and even "a saucy little thong." Although she is selling all eight of the Christmas gifts that her ex-boyfriend has given her this year, Joseph won't be adding the Christmas card that went along with the gifts -- something a potential buyer requested.

The auction raised about £350 (about $560). Opposed to keeping the cash, Joseph will donate the money made from the auction to charity.

Joseph isn't the only one to take her cheating ex's presents to the online auction site. Another seller, angesgem, is selling three wrapped boxes as well. "I have no desire whatsoever to open anything from him," she wrote. "I normally get some kind of jewelry so am assuming the small one is possibly a ring or earrings..."

So instead of giving back that stuffed bear he won for you at the carnival or the gold bracelet he got you for your birthday, why not sell these things on eBay? It won't only help you move on, but it also can make you a little extra cash for that new pair of shoes you've had your eye on.

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