John Kilpatrick proposes to girlfriend Erin on an airplane in DallasHere at Lemondrop, we're suckers for a good proposal story (heck -- we'll even take a bad one).

So, clearly we were all a-swoon when we heard about one man's incredibly romantic airport proposal.

John Kilpatrick of Duluth, Ga., knew that his girlfriend of two years, Erin, was flying home to Dallas for the holidays. So he decided to book a flight that left immediately before hers so he could surprise her by showing up at the gate -- and getting down on one knee.

While that seemed like a great plan on its own, a few people wanted to make it even more special. When John told the agent at the ticket counter about his plan, the agent, pilot and flight attendant who would be on Erin's flight all wanted in on the plan. "It became far more people than I expected," he told Atlanta's WXIA.

Once Erin's plane landed, the pilot got on the PA and told her to stay on board while everyone else exited. And as soon as she was the sole, confused passenger, John entered, walked to his girlfriend's row and proposed. She later admitted to him that she didn't even know what he said but just saw him kneeling, she quickly said yes.

"As we got off the plane, everyone was clapping and applauding. And I asked her about it later, and she doesn't remember what I even said," Kilpatrick told WXIA. The perfect ending to one undeniably perfect proposal.

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