divorce vouchers for christmasHere's a holiday gift idea we're hoping never makes it across the pond: divorce vouchers. Yes, it's true, according to Reuters.

The London law firm of Lloyd Platt & Company launched their holiday offer last week, selling the IOUs for legal advice.

Firm founder Vanessa Lloyd Platt pointed out to Reuters that the holiday season can be such a stressful time that many couples file for divorce come January.

The news agency reports that 60 of the £125 (about $200) vouchers have been sold. They're good for half-an-hour of legal counsel.

Sure, it's a practical gift idea, and the recession has forced many people to scale back their gift-giving and go for useful rather than extravagant. But a divorce voucher doesn't exactly scream, "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy Kwanzaa!" to us.

Divorce is no laughing matter, and we're hoping none of you find such a tacky gift in your stocking. But while we're on the topic, here are five telltale signs that your significant other might be toying with the idea:

1. You haven't had sex since the Bush administration. There are a few perfectly valid reasons for not having sex (a life-threatening injury being one of them), but regular sex certainly doesn't hurt a marriage.

2. His own Amazon wish list includes "101 Things to Do the First Year of Your Divorce." OK, this is a little extreme, but if he's that blatantly careless, then you are really in trouble! Maybe you want to pick up a copy for yourself.

3. Your marriage counseling sessions are like a scene out of "Saving Private Ryan." Clearly, you're trying, but sometimes that's just not enough. Might be time to consider your own exit strategy.

4. He's just engraved his initials on his Xbox and MacBook Pro. If he's suddenly trying to stake his claim, then he may be thinking about dividing up your possessions and filing for divorce. Make sure you get a few goodies, too.

5. He's planning a "business trip" on New Year's Eve. We're all busting our butts to keep our jobs, but most normal people spend New Year's Eve with their S.O. Just to warn you, that "business trip" may include a 22-year-old assistant and a hot tub.

Your turn! What's the worst holiday gift you can think of? And what are some other signs that you might be getting a divorce voucher (or something equally awful) this year? Know anyone who could use a divorce voucher?

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