Did you ever visit a friend's house as a kid where things just seemed a bit ... off?

It's time to relive that creeping sense of awkwardness with "Full House" without the laugh track. Watch as the Tanner family and friends suddenly lose all their social skills and pause randomly for 5 to 10 seconds during conversations.

Cringe as the silly mugging and forced "funny" lines fall flat and seem even more desperate than ever. Recoil from baby Michelle Tanner's pitiful attempts for attention that go unnoticed.

Seriously, without a laugh track, Danny Tanner seems like one of the most depressed and awkward men on Earth. You'll have to look away as he tells a co-worker who doesn't date at work, "Good, I won't ask you out, and you won't say no!" followed by awkward silence and Danny shoving his hands in his pockets dejectedly. This is a must-see. Enjoy!

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