A male cheerleader suffered a broken nose during an assault by two of the University of Missouri's star basketball players. Two of their female basketball players.

Justin Stewart apparently was tired of partying at his crib after a Mizzou women's basketball game, so the 21-year-old senior told the ladies team to get a move on. But the Kansas City Star reports Amanda Hanneman and Jessra Johnson wanted to keep the party going. So they allegedly went "Road House" on him, punching Stewart until his nose was broken and his eye "injured."

The report at the Columbia Tribune says eight people tried to break up the fight, but apparently Hanneman and Johnson, the highest scorers on the Missouri Women's team, were difficult to fend off.

The two women have been suspended indefinitely from the team, although prosecutors have been forced to drop the charges against them because of conflicting accounts of the altercation. Mizzou is 7-2 so far this season, ranked eighth in the Big 12; the women won their last game without their leading ladies on the court.