Loud sex happens. It's good when you're the screamer. Or the moaner. Or the "Ohhhhh ... myyyyy ... Gaaaaawd"-er. But when you're the neighbor, loud sex isn't so good. And that's why Caroline Cartwright was arrested last month; she just couldn't keep it down while having sex with her husband.

Neighbors, the postman and local parents all complained about Cartwright's loud sex noises, which were described as "unnatural," likened to someone in "considerable pain" during court proceedings. One neighbor even claimed the sex was so loud, it kept her up all night, making her late for work. In response, the municipality imposed a noise abatement order and an "antisocial behavior order" (which the Brits call an "Asbo"), on the Cartwrights.

Now, more than two years after the original charges, Caroline has admitted to breaching the orders by being a bit too "social" with her husband. Cartwright faces sentencing next month for breaking noise levels of 47 decibels while getting it on. (The BBC helpfully points out that the World Health Organization considers a noise of 30 decibels enough to disturb one's sleep.)

The whole thing might have been an ordeal for the neighbors, but we think this story should be an aphrodisiac: The noises were a near-nightly occurrence -- so much for losing your libido after you put a ring on it.

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