So you're going to his house and you need to impress. A bottle of wine isn't enough, but what the hell do you get people whom you know next to nothing about? Hint: Not an illustrated copy of the Kama Sutra. Or those vintage Richard Simmons workout tapes you'll been bidding on. For some real advice, read on.

sur la table cruet First time meeting the parents
Since taking your BF's advice won't get you too far ("My mom's a total nut and my dad really doesn't like anything"), you have to go for broad appeal. Try these gorgeous oil and vinegar cruets, which can double as a table piece they are so lovely.
cocktail shaker Your first major holiday together
You've yet to spend a holiday with your guy's family and you really want to wow them, right? Show how clever and thoughtful you are. The same company that brought you the magic Rabbit wine opener (a ubiquitous gift a few years back) now has an even awesomer cocktail shaker. The flip-top lid is attached to the stainless steel cup. Just fill 'er up, flip closed, shake, flip back open and pour -- none of those awkward ice-strainer things or cups that get stuck together. Bravo.

Moma Store Chopping BlockStraight-Edge Parents
Even if they don't drink alcohol, they gotta eat, so get them a kitchen gadget that everyone will use and admire. These colorful chopping boards create a more stylish and functional kitchen.
city in a bagKid Brother or Sister
Don't know the difference between a DS and a PSP? Get their accident (oops, was that out loud?) bro or sis this hip City in a Bag block set. Older kids like them because they have street cred, while little kids can pretend to be King Kong to their heart's content.
Sprout Home OrnamentYou're Engaged!
Now's the time to hook them with some hokey sentimental gifting. Try a special ornament that commemorates your holiday time together -- just make sure that it doesn't completely suck. This retro ornament is perfect because the colorful, reflective inside will play nicely in your love-struck eyes.
Finikons70 touchscreen camerarst Married Christmas
Go big on your first Christmas as part of the family. You can't go wrong with the new touch-screen Nikon S70. The screen lets you lock in focus by pointing at subjects with your finger and you can zoom in and out like the iPhone touch screen. For extra brownie points, get them a portable tripod to go with it, like the Gorillapod. But be careful, they might take it as a hint that you're gearing them up for pics of soon-coming grandkids. Guy You're Not Too Sure About
You agreed to Christmas with his family before things went south. Plane tickets were purchased, plans were made, and now you're stuck even though you're not quite feeling it. Get them a present that sticks it to them -- ever so slyly. Because really, who wants a scale with oversize digital numerals? After all, they brought your soon-to-be-ex into this world.