master-cleanseLast week, Lemondrop blogger CJ Arabia tested the Master Cleanse -- all in the name of journalism. In short, it's a 10-day fast in which you consume nothing but a concoction of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and tea.

While CJ felt weak, cold and hungry throughout the cleanse, she did say that her "pooper felt super-clean." And it's not like she cried about losing 10 lbs., either. We asked if you guys had ever tried this particular detox and, sure enough, you like to do weird things to your bodies too. Here are some of your testimonies:

"I did the Master Cleanse for 2 days. My migraines were so bad that I had to stop or call in sick. The latter wasn't an option." -- Vichica

"I did it too. I did it after my birthday this past summer and I figured I should cleanse from all the crap I ate then. I'm glad I did it, but man, I'll never do it again. The colon cleanse was the worse part. For me, the first few days were the easiest, the last few were the worst. I was so angry, haa haa! Also, my digestive problems as well as my sinus problems went away, but of course, now that I actually eat, they're back. But what I did learn was that I really didn't need that much food to get full or satisfied. But have I learned my lesson about being full? Um, no. I too lost 10 pounds and was looking pretty good and reaching my weight loss goal, but now it's the holidays and after two trips to places where food is plentiful and delicious, I've gained at least five pounds back. Not bad, eh? But yeah, I'm never doing it again. Its just not worth it. Also, I hated cayenne pepper before I started and now I can't even *think* about it with wanting to vomit." -- Andrea

"I did it last year. I lost a lot of weight, but I was so sick of lemonade when I got done. I couldn't even have anything with lemon it it for three months. LOL." -- Luckygirljen

"I too am on my 10th day of the Master Cleanse. Prior to this I did it several years ago for 13 days where I lost 25 lbs. Unlike the author, I am a fan of the diet. I always feel better afterward. This time I do not know how much I've lost because I don't have access to a scale but my goal was to get into a certain pair of pants of which I have. When I get hungry, I just drink more of the lemonade and the hunger goes away. I agree the salt water flush is the most unpleasant part of the program but instead of combining the flush and the herbal laxative tea in the morning, I did the tea just before going to bed as Burroughs suggested. It's not for everyone but I recommend it highly." -- Denise

"I've been doing this cleanse for years. I know what it feels like and what it can and can't do. It can't repair torn tendons or dislocated joints. Good luck with a pain where you've had an operation. It does help with arthritic pain. You feel tired and even dazed because of the poisons that hit your system all at once as your body begins eating itself. The lethargy DOES GO AWAY. But only after you've gotten rid of the crap. The more you have, the longer it takes. Your first time will/should logically be the longest.The mix is easier to make than a good breakfast. I make a gallon at a time so that I don't have to constantly be squeezing lemons and cleaning up. It does NOT just remove water weight. It DOES remove muscle, too, along with the fat. Therefore, do not do this to lose weight. You will be shooting yourself in the foot because you will gain the weight back afterward because muscle burns calories and you just lost an ally that was burning what you were taking in BEFORE you cleansed. Do this especially if you have digestion problems. It lets your system have a break and rest, repair, and recuperate. The tea is taken THE NIGHT BEFORE and the salt water in the morning. If you work during the cleanse, get up 2 hours early, so that you're ready for work on time. Start it Thursday night. Better if you have a 3 day, Monday off, weekend. Don't skip the tea and salt water. If you thought you felt lethargic with taking them, just wait and see how you feel without taking them. NO, YOU CAN'T SMOKE, DRINK ALCOHOL OR COFFEE. Actually, you can, just don't expect it to work properly and stop blaming the cleanse for your piss-poor performance on it. I don't agree with everything that Mr. Burroughs writes, but his cleanse is close to miraculous. And yes, this cleanse is worth the effort." -- Pete

Tell us:
Do you regularly fast or cleanse your body? What other crazy-sounding cleanses have you tried that have worked for you?