Look over to the next cubicle, and you're likely to find someone tweeting or checking out the newly tagged pictures on Facebook.

And although everyone including your mother (literally) is linked to at least one social network, a new study shows that more women admit they regret things they've posted online.

Crowd Science surveyed over 600,000 social media users and found that 30 percent of women between the ages of 18-29 say that they later wished they'd never posted some of the information they put online. And while 20 percent of females in that same age group said they used social media to post personal information they would normally keep private, about 19 percent of them said it would be "extremely damaging to my social status if I stopped or reduced my use of online social media."

More than half of the female respondents over 21 also said that they spend way too much time logged on to these sites, compared to only 38 percent of men. But about one-third of the females admitted that using Facebook, MySpace or Twitter was their favorite leisure activity.

So next time you decide to post those pictures from a wild night out or tweet your latest breakup, maybe you should think twice before you turn into one of these statistics.