Theodore Sypnier, Sex OffenderThe judge had assumed he would die behind bars. He didn't, becoming the first prisoner in New York state history to turn 100 in jail. And now he's free.

Theodore Sypnier, an unfortunately spry 100-year-old child molester, has been released from prison, and will soon leave post-release supervision in a halfway house to live among the rest of us.

He was convicted of raping and sodomizing two sisters, ages 4 and 7, 10 years ago, and will be on parole until 2012. Authorities say he has no intention of changing and remains an active threat to children. He was also convicted of sex crimes in the 1990s, before laws were in place to requiring sex offenders to make their history and whereabouts known.

Although he is the oldest registered sex offender in New York, Sypnier is not the oldest sex offender in America -- that dubious honor goes to Utah's Bert Jackson, who is 103 years old.