Our thanks and congratulations go out to Jackie Ott, winner of the contest to create Lemondrop's new breast cancer awareness T-shirt. The Tarzana, Calif., designer (in the bottom right of the photo) came up with the hands motif the old-fashioned way: "I drew a bunch of doodles and that was my favorite."

Jackie's main inspiration was her grandmother, a breast cancer survivor: "She's very important to me, and I'm very happy there are treatments available."

Currently enrolled as an online student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Jackie plans to be a graphic designer after graduation.

We hope Lemondrop's breast cancer awareness T-shirt becomes a nice addition to her résumé. If you want one of the T-shirts, you can head over to Save the Ta-tas, which is selling the shirt with 100 percent of the proceeds to fund breast cancer awareness and research.

Want one for free? We're giving away 25 of them, so if you'd like one email editor@lemondrop.com, and include your size (S, M, L, XL) and address. Don't forget to write "I want a Lemondrop T-shirt" in the subject line. Since we have limited quantities, we can't promise everyone will get one.

We appreciate all of you Lemondroppers who took part in the contest.