Morgan Freeman injured his left handMorgan Freeman's hand.

Everybody wants to know -- what's the deal with it? Did it get amputated? Is that lone, black glove a solemn tribute to Michael Jackson?

Is he a cyborg, sent from the future to sleep with his fake granddaughter?

Nay, nay! Here's the scoop:

In August of last year Freeman was in a car accident that broke his arm and caused severe nerve damage to his left hand. He's still recovering and his hand remains paralyzed, even after surgery. He wears a glove on his hand to keep his hand stable and to control the swelling. Sometimes it's a tan glove. Maybe the black glove is his out-on-the-town version.

Freeman has to wait just like every one else would for the nerves to repair themselves -- not even the soothing tone of his voice can coax them to heal any faster.