Meatloaf pretty much said what we were all thinking in "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)." Well, apparently Lisa Brand and Tommy Barnes would do that -- if "that" refers to filming a threesome and selling it to earn cash for their wedding.

The couple's dream is to have a fairy-tale wedding in Cancun, Mexico, and they've been making pornographic films to pay for it. In addition to a threesome, Lisa has also poured hot wax on Tommy's chest and spanked him with a paddle, which sounds only slightly more enjoyable than being harassed by debt collectors for not being able to pay for one's nuptials.

So far the two have made three movies and earned just a little over $2,000. They plan to make four more films.

Lisa, 34, and Tommy, 36, will certainly have quite a story to tell people at their reception in June, unfortunately it might not be appropriate for mixed company.