We guess they'll let anybody write advice columns these days. Take, for instance, Amy Dickinson, who recently chastised a rape victim in her syndicated Tribune Media column "Ask Amy," calling the young woman a "victim of her own judgment."

The letter writer, signed "Victim? in Virginia," acknowledged that she'd been drunk at a frat party, but that even after she'd repeatedly told one of the brothers "no," he forced her to have sex with him. She wondered if this still constituted rape.

Dear "Virginia," According to the law and common sense and every reasonable person on the face of planet Earth, YES, you were raped. What happened was illegal, contemptible and completely wrong.

But Dickinson -- whose advice appears in publications from the Chicago Tribune to NPR -- responded, "Were you a victim? Yes. First, you were a victim of your own awful judgment. Getting drunk at a frat house is a hazardous choice for anyone to make because of the risk (some might say a likelihood) that you will engage in unwise or unwanted sexual contact."

"A victim of your own judgment"? Amy, you're a victim of being stupider than a cross-eyed water snake.

While Dickinson goes on to admit that a crime was committed, her first impulse is to blame the victim. Which we find, frankly, despicable.

Also reprehensible? Characterizing all frat guys as potential rapists. Fraternities are social organizations with group housing, and their members are just as morally diverse as any pool of human beings. (We acknowledge the high incidence of date rape on college campuses, but the worst thing most frat guys will ever do is make you listen to them play "Burn One Down" on acoustic guitar.) And look, even if all frat houses were filled to the rafters with rapists, it is never your fault if you're raped. EVER. Period. Suggesting otherwise is disgusting and irresponsible.

As if that weren't bad enough, Dickinson goes on to say, "You don't say whether the guy was also drunk. If so, his judgment was also impaired."

Hey, guess what? It doesn't matter! IT'S STILL A CRIME. That's why the last time you got so hopped up on PCP that you knocked over a convenience store, the police didn't care that it was "just the angel dust robbing." It's nice that they let you keep your newspaper column, though!

And "Virginia"? From the rest of the civilized world, here's some real advice: It's not your fault, sweetheart. You aren't alone. Tell the cops, get tested, and get counseling.

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