Daniel CraigYou just couldn't resist, could you? You're completely single, with nary a warm body in sight, and yet you just had to go and watch the Speedo scene from "Casino Royale." In slow motion. And guess what? Now you want it.

The bad news? You don't have Daniel Craig on speed dial. And it's unlikely that Mr. Right is waiting for you at your local bar armed with a box of Trojans and a non-judgmental attitude about having sex on the first date.

But if it's Mr. Right Now you're looking for, these tactics will help you get some no-strings-attached booty by Sunday brunch.

Busting Out the Booty Call
Most of us have that guy -- usually an ex -- whom we reserve for a horny day. You know, the one you have saved as "Do Not Call!" in your phone? The one who, despite his douchebagginess, can still locate your G-spot with his hands tied behind his back?

If you're really feeling the need for some lovin', go ahead and give him a call, but on your terms. That means not shamelessly drunk dialing him but rather texting or calling him sober so that you have control, asking him to come to your place (let him do the walk of shame) and kicking him out before 11 a.m. the next day.

The Nightclub Pick-Up
Let's face it, ladies. It's not really that hard to meet men. The right man, yes. But any man with good breath and an attractive enough mug, no. If you're adamant about having some TLC ASAP, grab your girls and dress to kill. According to a recent study from Leeds University, revealing 40 percent of your skin -- e.g., bare arms and legs -- increases your odds of meeting men, so throw on your favorite sleeveless party dress, shave those legs, and work that smoky eye.

Dance clubs have more of a meat-market scene (which, in this case, is what you want) than your local bar. And while a glass or two of wine will help you relax and get in the confident buzz zone, it's important that you have a good meal beforehand and don't go crazy with the alcohol -- getting drunk can seriously put you in danger. Pace yourself, and alternate with a seltzer and lime, which gives you an excuse to hit the bar (where men love to hang out) without overindulging.

Now, sometimes it just isn't your night, so don't be too disappointed if you go home empty-handed. But if you do meet someone at a club, and it's someone you're genuinely attracted to and feel comfortable with, nine times out of 10 he'll make a move.

What you should do next, however, is communicate with your girlfriends. Are they safe getting home on their own? Do they know whom you're with and where you're going? (Tip: Ask your hookup for his number, then text the number to your pal, just as a precaution.) Have you agreed to check in when you each get home? It's important that you all look after one another.

For your peace of mind, it's better if you take the guy back to your place. You know how to get there, you're in your own space, and you don't have to creep back home the next morning in your miniskirt and 6-inch heels. You should also take a cab, as opposed to getting in his car. If he's been out at a club, he's probably been drinking, and with a cab you don't run the risk of being taken somewhere you don't know.

Once you get home, though, what happens next is up to you -- but do use a condom, dear.

The DIY-er
If one-night stands aren't your thing, getting off on your own can be a quick, guilt-free fix. Why not treat yourself to a vibrator and make a night of it? Turn the phone off, slip into a warm bubble bath surrounded by scented candles, sip a glass of your favorite wine, and then coat yourself in a fragrant lotion before slipping on a slinky silk robe or chemise? Put on some mellow tunes, read some erotic literature, and go from there. Brings new meaning to "Thank God It's Friday," huh?

The Escort
Yes, yes, if you've got the money, honey, he's got the time ... but ask yourself: Is paying for sex and engaging in illegal activities with a dude who's probably on his third shag of the night something you want to get involved with?

Sex Parties
If you live in a major metropolitan city, chances are there's an erotic party scene in your community. From sex clubs to swingers' parties, these libidinous social gatherings offer plenty of opportunities to have some wild times, but they're not for the conservative or squeamish. Each club and party likely has rules about who is welcome (some are couples-only, others allow a single gal for an extra charge), so do your research beforehand.

And even the most open-minded free spirit shouldn't attend one of these gatherings on her own, at least not for her first time. Ask a friend to join you and agree to keep a close eye on each other. Maybe you'll go, do a spin around the heaving room, and run for dear life. But maybe you'll unleash your inner sex goddess and enjoy a kinky tryst with a hot stranger ... or your friend. Again, don't forget to bring the condoms!

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