Weddings are known to be one of the most traditional events you'll experience. However, now that we're in 2009 it makes sense that even the idea of getting married can get more hi-tech. There's that one guy who proposed via the Megatouch bar game, and don't forget about the couple who had out-of-this-world nuptials by getting married in space.

So it's hardly a surprise that someone would actually tweet or update their Facebook profile after saying, "I do." At least that's what this groom recently thought. Dana Hanna whipped out his iPhone to update his status on Facebook and even tweet as soon as the marriage was official. Hanna also pulled out his new wife's phone out of his other pocket so she could adjust hers, too.

While the video is pretty hilarious, announcing your marriage through Twitter isn't a new concept. Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill and his singer-songwriter wife Jessie Baylin tweeted moments after the two were wed in November.

It looks like "tweet" will be added to roster of "old," "new", "borrowed" and "blue." Click here to enjoy!