Solange Magnano dies from gluteoplastyFormer model Solange Magnano fell victim to the sometimes fatal consequences of cosmetic surgery. The former Miss Argentina died last week after aroutine gluteoplasty, better known as "butt implants." The 38-year-old suffered a pulmonary embolism and spent three days in critical condition in intensive care.

Roberto Piazza, a close friend of Magnano, said that the procedure involved injections and that the liquid traveled to her brain and lungs. "Now [Magnano] is dead because she wanted a firmer behind," he told the press. "She died because of her obsession with beauty."

Although butt implants aren't new to the world of plastic surgery, the procedure has been gaining more popularity. Wanting to have bums that look more like Kim Kardashian's or J-Lo's, many women have been looking into the black market to attain those buns of steel.

However, these implants can actually do more harm than good, from simply make your booty sag more, to severe health problems and, yes, death.

But it seems the health risks and even the economy still don't prevent some women from walking into the plastic surgeon's office. Cosmetic surgery is on the rise in countries like Kenya, proving that beauty quick fixes are no longer solely a Western idea. In Venezuela, some people are dealing with economic hardship by dipping into their savings or using credit cards to get surgery.

While self-preservation and beauty enhancement are on the rise everywhere, it doesn't hide the complications that can go along with cosmetic surgery. But consider the potential side effects, high prices or the chance the doctor makes a mistake -- is it all really worth it?

Tell us: If you haven't had plastic surgery, would you get a gluteoplasty or other cosmetic surgery procedure? If you have had a procedure done, did it make you feel better about yourself?