Guys have more personality?Here's more proof you're never going to change him: Scientists have concluded males "show more consistent, predictable behaviors" in a wide range of species.

The research shows up in the November issue of the journal Biological Reviews, with a claim that males have more personality. Apparently they haven't met Stares at Boobs and Mutters Monosyllabically Through Dinner Guy.

Researchers are using the word more a bit loosely here. He's not going to turn into Sybil next week. Looking at birds, zebras and other critters, University of Exeter scientists determined men's pronounced personalities remained constant so female counterparts could gauge their worth.

Said Dr. Sasha Dall of the University of Exeter, "This body of research suggests that male personality could have evolved in much the same way as signs of physical attractiveness -- to help attract a mate."

Score one for us, however: The research found women's lack of a distinct personality doesn't make us bores, just choosy. When we don't like his approach to "parental care, aggression and risk taking," it's time to flee.

He's always going to be the same old bore (or boor), but we can change!

Tell us: What's your least favorite personality quirk of your favorite guy?