Christina Ambers is suing her apartment building.Here's another reminder that it's generally a bad idea to mix business with pleasure, and it's a really bad idea to do it more than once.

New York foot and hand model Christina Ambers sued her upper East Side apartment building for $10 million, claiming she has been mistreated ever since she fell in love with and married the building's doorman.

The model apparently had a steamy affair with another doorman at the same building before marrying Doorman #2.

What's more, the second doorman – Romanian immigrant Ioan (John) Bradatan – says Ambers used to talk about how she wanted to sue her building back in 2007.

That pillow talk could hurt the model, Christina Ambers – who has been described as the "Heidi Klum of foot and hand models" – in her lawsuit against the tony East 74th St. building where she lives. In the suit, Ambers claimed that workers there made her haul her own packages and hail her own cabs ever since she took up with the doorman, Angel Rotger.

The suit also accused the wife of building superintendent Martin Purcell of "boozily slugging Rotger in the groin" with her handbag and claimed the rich girl/doorman romance cost Rotger his job -- though he may not have wanted it after taking a Birkin in the crotch).

But the New York Daily News reported on Monday that the brunette beauty took up with Bradatan, whom she met when she moved into the building in 2003. (Both claim they started dating after he stopped working there.) Bradatan says the pair dated for six months, and the affair ended in early 2007.

Bradatan says Ambers regularly complained about the building and often talked about her plans to sue, and he says she urged him to divorce his wife and marry her. Ambers calls her ex "vengeful" and "not a nice person" and says their relationship ended before she took up with Rotger.

According to the Daily News, opening doors and romancing foot models aren't the only things Rotger and Bradatan have in common – both have apparently had brushes with the law (though the worst of Rotger's offenses appear to have happened when he was a teen).

Rotger told the paper it's not fair to bring up Bradatan because the current situation "is totally separate from all of that. It's apples and oranges."

A lawyer for the building is standing behind the super and claims the suit has no merit, while Ambers' lawyer says the couple apparently breached "some type of social order" that existed in the building and the couple have been made to feel like outcasts.

Meanwhile, some of Ambers' neighbors dissed her in the earlier Daily News story, calling her a "potty-mouthed neighbor from hell who parades around in skimpy outfits."

She's got the hand – and she's gonna need it.

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