Imagine the sheer terror you would experience upon coming home and finding that somebody had broken into your house and left behind nothing but paper snowflakes and Christmas lights! AAAGHH! Oh, they also left behind everything you own. Significantly less frightening.

A Herscher, Ill., woman and her children left on a Saturday afternoon for a brief trip out of town, and when they returned on Monday, they discovered someone had broken into their apartment and strewn it with ornaments and Christmas lights. Nothing was stolen, except maybe the family's sense of security.

Local police were stumped about who may have perpetrated the crime, considering the fact that Will Ferrell's character from "Elf" doesn't actually exist. After reading about the story in the local paper, a 14-year-old girl came forward and 'fessed up to the prank. Turns out she was a friend of the kids who lived there.

So, nice try, burglars who warmed up a bottle for a baby, but unless you plan on going back and cooking Thanksgiving dinner for that family, consider yourself demoted from Nicest Hooligans Ever.

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