Men say I love you soonerIf you've been holding out on saying those three magic words to your boyfriend, well, maybe you should wait a little longer. According to new research, guys are actually more likely to say "I love you" first than women. (Although if you thought the "three magic words" were "pass the mayo," you're a girl after our own hearts.)

Yes, men fall in love more often, and it takes them less time to say so -- about seven months on average, according to the study. It's thought that the discrepancy occurs is because women mature faster than men emotionally, and are therefore more realistic and in touch with their emotions.

In other words, when a dude says he loves you, he might just be a little carried away or not have any idea what he's actually feeling, whereas when a woman says it (typically after around eight months), it might tend to have a little more substance.

Not that it matters, once he says those words you've got him trapped! MWAHAHAHA! Kidding ...