Calorie-burning shoes -- no doubt you've seen them around. They always look like orthopedic running shoes or something a nurse would wear to work. That's why I got so excited when I saw Earth Footwear at my local comfy shoe store.

Earth shoes are so stylish and come in everything from sandals to boots. I, of course, got boots because we're heading into the winter months.

It's not the "negative heel technology" or the anatomic arch support, or even the Biofoam cushion inside that makes me love them (though I love anyone who has come up with so many ways to make my feet feel comfortable). I love they way they look, and shoes are a major obsession of mine, not to mention I'm new to New York City and going to need a good boot for the winter. I feel like these are going to do the trick.

Now, I can't say that I did some scientific test that proved that these shoes do or don't burn more calories than regular shoes, but everything on their Web site says that they burn four times the calories of regular shoes because the sole is at an incline of 3.7 degrees.

We'll have to trust the shoemakers on that detail. It makes sense though. The shoe is basically tricking your body into thinking that you're always walking up a very slight incline. At first it FEELS like you're walking up a slight incline, but once you adjust to the shoe you don't notice any difference between the Earth shoe and your other shoes.

I'd say that if you're even remotely thinking of getting a calorie-burning shoe that you should definitely check out the Earth site. Earth has an entire Vegan collection certified by the Vegan Society. I know that will make my hippie vegan friend Marcia extremely happy. Sometimes my leather boots make her sad, but she won't be sad around my Earth shoes. Vegans won't shed a tear over your animal-friendly Earth shoes. Shoes that make Vegans happy are always a good thing.

I really love this shoe and get lots of compliments on it. You have gotta go to a store and try them on. Give them a test drive of your own. You've got nothing to lose except weight!