We're usually not suckers for men in eyeliner (lookin' at you, Russell Brand), but the new film "Rage" which is now in theaters and available for cell-phone download, features a pretty young vamp we couldn't help but fall for. Oh, yes ... Jude Law in drag. It's no shocker the English cad rocked the role of Minx, a transsexual supermodel: He's pretty as a guy, and yep, he's pretty as a girl. Which got us thinking about other movie dudes-turned-divas who waxed/tweezed/coiffed just for the sake of a role. Some wore the heels better than others but they've all got one thing in common: They're our favorite movie men in drag.

Dustin Hoffman, "Tootsie." Ignore the fact that Dustin Hoffman could pass as a fourth Golden Girl because this film about a struggling actor is a CLASSIC. Dustin plays Dorothy, a sassy broad sportin' Southern charm ...and probably a stuffed push-up bra.

Robin Williams, "Mrs. Doubtfire."
Sure, we'd die if our dads ever dressed as a British nanny with huge boobs just to spend time with us, but talk about a grand gesture. Best part of the movie: the makeover montage. (Hello, Barbra Streisand!)

Jason Isaccs, "Sweet November." In the midst of this horribly depressing love story featuring terminally ill Charlize Theron, Issac's Chaz/Cherry brings some pep to the film -- thank God. That, and and a sparkly green mini.

Martin Lawrence, "Big Momma's House." Sure, Big Momma's not the chicest gal we've ever seen, but that's the whole point. Martin Lawrence in a fat suit = hilarious. Martin Lawrence in a fat suit in a bikini and braids = even more hilarious. He puts John Travolta in "Hairspray" to shame.

Patrick Swayze, "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar." Proving that even the manliest of men can go glam (Hello, Johnny Castle!), Patrick Swayze rocks a red wig and a sh**load of diamonds in a film about three drag queens who give a small town a big wake-up call. Honorable mention: John Leguizamo as newbie queen Chi-Chi. (Seriously, was Leguizamo not made for these roles?)

Liev Schriber, "Taking Woodstock."
Here's someone we totally didn't expect to go double-x on us: Hunky Liev Schriber as cross-dressing Vilma. He doesn't totally lose his cojones, though: Vilma's an ex-Marine. Go figure. How else could he hide those guns?

Nathan Lane, "The Birdcage."
Oh, Nathan Lane, your tenor Timon voice is perfect for your hee-larious role as a dramatic drag queen who attempts to "man up" to meet his son's in-laws. Oh, and didja know? "The Birdcage" is based on the musical "Le Cage Aux Folles." If you love drag, it's a must-see; you'd swear some of these dudes were actually women.

Jack Lemmon & Tony Curtis, "Some Like It Hot."
This 1959 classic -- which also stars Marilyn Monroe -- is Tony and Jack at their (female) best. They set the bar as Daphne and Josephine and deliver some solid one-liners while they're at it. ("How do they walk in these things? How do they keep their balance?") Oh, gentlemen, welcome to the world of stilettos.

Johnny Depp, "Before Night Falls." Johnny Depp is one of those guys who can wear anything -- a purple top hat, a pirate bandanna, a dress -- and still get away with it. Which is exactly what good ol' Johnny does in this film. Oh, that boa! Oh, that pink headband! Such fashion don'ts, but on him, do we care?