Lauren Johnson can't stop sneezingWhat could make middle school even worse for a 12-year-old girl? How about suddenly becoming afflicted with a case of unstoppable sneezing?

After getting over a cold last month, seventh-grader Lauren Johnson started sneezing about eight times a minute, and she has continued to do so pretty much nonstop. The only time she gets any relief from sneezing is during REM sleep (which doesn't really count as relief, since she's sleeping through it). Doctors think it might be intractable psychogenic sneezing, a very rare disorder with fewer than 40 documented cases in the world with no surefire method of treatment.

Although life probably sucks more for Lauren than the average middle school student, there's still a bright side -- at least she isn't constantly on the brink of orgasm, laughing uncontrollably like a madwoman, or plagued with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Those almost make constant sneezing seem charming.