Withings Scale Tweets Your WeightThanks a lot, Twitter, for once again making it possible for everybody to share the most mindless tidbits of their personal lives. We really appreciate it.

Withings, a company that makes a Wi-fi scale that can upload your weight to your blog or iPhone, has recently decided to add Twitter capabilities to the device. Now you can share your weight gain/ loss with the entire Twitterverse.

We're wondering what the next big overshare appliance will be: Refrigerators that are hooked up to Weight Watchers? Tweeting toilets?

Although it's meant to be motivational for dieters by allowing them to share their progress, it also seems like a pretty good way to make somebody terrified of the scale. It might just be our opinion, but an obsession with your weight rather than with your health is maybe not the best mindset for dieters.

And also, "USER XXX now weighs 137.5 pounds. Courtesy of Withings" is just maybe the most boring tweet ever.

We want to know: Would you tweet your weight?