So, picture this: You're on your high school's prom committee. You came up with the theme. You've raised over $200 for the big event. But five months beforehand, your principal threatens to cancel it -- because of your date.

This was the position 17-year-old Cynthia Stewart of Russellville, Ala., found herself in this fall, because as an out lesbian, Stewart wanted her girlfriend to accompany her to the March 2010 dance -- which Tharptown High School Principal Gary Odom initially forbade.

Odom announced that the event would be canceled to prevent any immoral girl-on-girl activities -- like dancing to the latest Lady Gaga tune or fighting over who looks better in the same Forever 21 gown.

Enter the ACLU, who sent the Franklin County Superintendent a strongly worded letter reminding them that such a decision would be unconstitutional -- which according to the Times Daily has since led the school to reverse their decision, albeit provisionally.

It seems that any potential prom guest from outside the school district is subject to being screened by school authorities.

Although Stewart's girlfriend has been described as "a teenager with no problems that would keep her from being able to attend the prom," that's no guarantee that Tharptown High officials won't take this as another opportunity for jerkdom, and that Stewart will get the prom she deserves.

Stewart doesn't want special treatment. As she told the Times Daily, "All I want is to be able to be myself and go to my prom with the person I love, just like any other student wants to do."