We enjoy eating out and digging in as much as the next person, so when we read this list of 100 Thing Servers Should Do on the New York Times Web site, we couldn't help but add our two cents. (In fact, a few Lemondrop gals are former waitresses, so we can honestly say we can see it from both sides.)

Here's what we kindly ask of our servers to ensure a pleasant meal:

1. After we've been seated, if more than 10 minutes have gone by without any acknowledgment from the staff, we reach a mild level of annoyance. We get it: you're busy. Just stop by and tell us so.

2. Some friendly chit-chat is OK, but if we're not reciprocating your waiter-ly advances, cut it out. We came to talk to the people we're eating with. (Note: If you resemble a young Clive Owen and feel like comping dessert later, by all means, continue gabbing.)

3. All waiters should have one recommendation -- but if yours happens to be the most expensive item on the menu, you'll definitely lose our trust right off the bat. Suggest something yummy in the mid-price range.

4. No matter what sugar mommy/daddy vibes you may be getting, don't put the check in front of us and don't put the check in front of our date. Put the check squarely in the middle of the table -- just far enough so we can make a convincing "attempt" to grab it.

5. Finally, under no circumstances, should there be snarky, under-your-breath comments or eyebrow raises when we order more than our dates. We're hungry.

P.S. We know customers are annoying too. Here's a take from the server's perspective.

Tell us: What are your biggest restaurant pet peeves?