Being the president's daughter clearly has its upsides, but it's not all gumballs and jellybean trees.

For example, when Malia Obama got a C on a science test, daddy Barack Obama used her as an example at a press conference. Repeat: He just told the entire world her lousy test score.

Granted, it wasn't meant as a punishment, but it seems like our parents were always finding ways to do things that made us want to curl up in a ball and die a little inside.

Personally, I was a perfect angel (or what some kids would call a "brown noser") growing up, but when my older sister was in sixth grade, she decided she didn't want to be seen in public with my mom, who drove a beat-up old pickup named Rusty.

Since she refused to get in the truck, my mom hopped out, grabbed a scooter from the back of the truck and chased her around the playground on it. Heh heh heh. My sister did not find it so entertaining.

Julieanne says, "This wasn't a punishment, per se, because although I was a terrible kid, I was good at covering my tracks. Like most profoundly brilliant people, I hated school. I decided not to do ANY homework in my math class and skate by on tests. When my mom ultimately got the 'note home,' she not only yelled at me, she called my extra-frightening math teacher and yelled at her. The word 'b!&ch' made an exciting appearance in the phone call. The rest of the year in that class was really fun, and I looked forward to going each and every day."

Our friend Julia (link slightly NSFW) recalls with horror, "As for punishment, the most painful was probably getting banned from watching "Blossom" during my intense Joey Lawrence obsession."

(Editor's Note: Although it was probably quite embarrassing not to know what shenanigans Joey Russo was up to, it sounds like your parents came up with an excellent way to get out of watching yet another Very Special Episode.)

Tell us: What was the most embarrassing punishment your folks ever doled out?

And of course, here is Malia's foray into worldwide humiliation: