It sounds like a bridezilla's worst nightmare: A Welsh couple found out their wedding cake was a fake made of polystyrene only after trying to cut into it at their reception.

As bride Aimee West told the Daily Mail, "It was a lovely occasion and the ceremony was going to be the icing on the cake -- only there was no cake."

The snafu happened when West discovered four hours before the wedding that bakery Creative Cakes had forgotten to bake her cake. Creative promised to get West a cake in time for the ceremony.

They delivered it later, but it was the bride's mother who discovered the cake was a fake right as the couple was going to cut it.

The Wests, though disappointed, likely had a laugh and moved on with their ceremony. But shortly after their nuptials, they decided to take Creative Cakes to small-claims court to reclaim their deposit and gain compensation for their legal fees.

The court bid was successful, and the Wests were awarded £310 (about $511). The only hiccup seems to be that Creative Cakes maintains that the Wests knew that the cake was going to be a fake. As anyone who's seen "Cake Boss" or "Ace of Cakes" knows, there's no way to bake and ice a cake that big in a few short hours.

Polystyrene cakes, however, are a popular choice to save money -- and a lot of wasted cake -- at receptions nowadays. Why spend a few hundred dollars on something that won't get eaten?

They're known in the baking industry as "dummy cakes," and they can be all Styrofoam or part-cake/part-fake.

Tell us: Would you "serve" a dummy cake at your reception?

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