Oh, snap! It's your flaky friend''s birthday and she forgot to plan something, your favorite cousin just showed up in town on zero notice, and that cute guy from the accounting department just asked you if there "anything fun" going on tonight.

Yep, this calls for a party -- even if you only have two hours or one day to pull it together. Here's how.

Obviously, since it's last minute you don't have time for printing invitations and all that jazz. Instead ring people up, send a bulk text, or drop folks a quick email. They won't mind your last-minute invite, if you keep it casual. Don't ask anybody to bring elaborate dishes or get the sads if they can't come -- you just told them about it, remember. With this in mind, ask guests to bring somebody new and exciting to make up for any no-shows.

Treat your rager like a drop-in, drop-out affair and ultimately you won't care who shows.

For this kind of shindig, it's less about full-tilt decorations and more about making sure your bathroom has toilet paper. Use the time you've got to ensure your place is in presentable shape. Spruce up as much as time allows (take out the trash, wipe down the counter tops, hide your laundry). If you're suuuuuper low on time, just embrace the mess (people will just think you're bohemian). Guests won't mind sitting on whatever chairs you've pulled out as long as they have a place to park it. Nor will they care about mismatched glasses and napkins as long as they are using them for tasty cocktails and treats. But do take the time to light a candle or open a window -- no one wants to smell your houseatosis.

Save yourself some time by picking up premade eats. Just transfer them to Real People Plates (you know, they kind you won't throw out after). It's a proven fact that 30 percent of people will now believe you made the food, while the 100 percent will not care as long as the snacks are tasty. You don't have to present it on fine china; a grouping of small plates (one for each veggie) works just as well. And think outside of the plastic box with what you pick up. Instead of the typical party spread, why not take out a couple of your favorite appetizers from a local Italian place, or tacos and guac from your favorite Mexican joint?

This is a good time to have an icebreaker handy, like Pictionary (if you've got the materials) or a rousing game of flip-cup. But really, this is about the spontaneity of things, so don't concern yourself too much with the planning. Concentrate on getting a good group of people going, and with enough drinks, snacks and conversation, you won't need to worry about keeping everyone entertained.