Plastic Surgeon Creates OK, so the chance of finding that absolutely perfect somebody is pretty slim. Unless, of course, you just so happen to be a plastic surgeon who can find a girl willing to go under the knife eight times.

Dr. Reza Vossough is just such a man, and he married his wife, Cany, not because he was attracted to her, but because he recognized her "potential." Douchechills! Eight surgeries and over 3 lbs. of silicone later, Vossough is happy to now have the "perfect wife," which apparently equates to breasts seven sizes larger (now an F), a smaller waist, an unwrinkled brow, and a face so pumped full of Botox that they don't even know how many injections she's had; in other words, he took a woman and made her look like a Hustler model.

Now that Dr. Vossough is finally happy with his wife, he is looking forward to a break from surgeries. That is, at least until she "needs" a face-lift.