Democracy is a beautiful thing – thousands of you voted on National Sandwich Day Eve.

The greatest sandwich in America is "The Bobbie" from Capriotti's in Sin City, Las Vegas.

This mighty torpedo of goodness can't get anymore American. It's a Thanksgiving dinner served on a fresh baked roll that's a house secret. Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mayo are all crammed together into one magnificent tribute to the happy marriage between sliced bread and all the stuff you put between those slices.

The competition was fierce. We started out with 16 diverse sandwiches from all across these United States. But ultimately, it came down to just four: the molten cheesesteak at Cosmi's Deli in Philadelphia, Mahoney's mighty Peacemaker po' boy in New Orleans, the slow-cooked brisket sandwich from Winslow's Home in St. Louis, and the winner. Thunderdome was never more delicious.

So congratulations to Capriotti's and "The Bobbie," the greatest sandwich in America.

And Happy Sandwich Day. May the Ghost of the Earl of Sandwich leave a ham and cheese under your pillow as you slumber, in accordance with tradition.