Everyone's talking about this week's New York Times Magazine cover story about Barack and Michelle Obama's marriage. In it, the president and the first lady cop to the realities of partnership -- mainly that it's hard work and sometimes sucks.

Jodi Kantor's article questions whether equality is possible after you've exchanged marriage vows with is the freaking President of the United States. The Obamas -- who still keep up with regular date nights -- show that a good relationship takes hard work and honesty.

The story explores the Obamas' sacrifices throughout their 17-year marriage, like how the pair hasn't spent much time under the same roof until now.

Barack has missed out on parts of his daughters' childhoods. Michelle at one point told him, "Well, you're gone all the time and we're broke. How is that a good deal?" Plus, Michelle has put her own blood, sweat and tears into her husband's political career while sacrificing her own professional life.

But let's not forget that for all the sacrifices she made during Barack's absenteeism and long hours, Michelle now gets to enjoy money, power, respect, travel, time with her kids, material comforts and adoration from many the world over.

And even if Barack gets elected to another term, it will not be impossible for her to resurrect her own career in her early 50s when her kids are about to go to college. There are plenty of organizations that would be thrilled to hire a former first lady.

So maybe we shouldn't be so caught up on whether or not the Obamas have an equal marriage as much as a loving, honest, evolving one. They haven't, thus far, put on a front like many other famous twosomes.

Michelle doesn't seem the type who would grin and bear it if her husband had a dalliance with an intern. Maybe the Obamas are marking the end of a long line of high-profile couples who've acted like everything is all right when it ain't.

The takeaway from the story is that having a strong, mostly happy marriage isn't easy, but it's still worth fighting for. Hell, if the president and the first lady can strive for it, there's no reason why the rest of us can't.

Tell us: Is your relationship like the Obamas? Would you want it to be?