If you thought clipping coupons was a waste of time, you might to rethink your strategy. By scouring newspapers, circulars and Web sites, this Massachusetts mother of four feeds her family on about $4 a week.

She wowed us when her $267 grocery bill came to just a penny after all of her coupons had been scanned. (That makes our college ramen days look downright decadent and wasteful in comparison.)

What's her secret? She only buys things that are free or nearly free thanks to double coupons or by creating her own deal by combining store coupons with a manufacturer's coupon whenever store policy allows it.

Some stores take competitors' coupons, so that can save a trip to another store. Of course, sometimes buying store brands can be even cheaper than buying a name-brand product with a coupon, so comparison shopping is key.

We wonder, though -- is this really worth the effort? When does the amount of time it takes to clip coupons and comparison shop become too much work for too little reward?

Tell us: Do you have any money-saving tips? Is there anything you wouldn't do to save a buck or two?