Lilith Fair is back. The highly successful all-girl music festival of the late '90s will be hitting the U.S., Canada and the U.K. in 2010. Although singer-songwriter and festival co-founder Sarah MacLachlan hasn't revealed anything about the lineup, we here at Lemondrop have a few suggestions on who we think should join the new generation of Lilith Fair.

Adele (left): With soulful melodies and vocals that remind you of the old jazz starlets, Adele would be a great addition to the festival. Her album, '19,' expresses such honesty that every concertgoer can relate to her tales of heartbreak.

Fiery Furnaces:
This sister-brother duo takes back in time with the band's stripped down pop/rock music. Eleanor Friedburger's energy on the mic combined with the raw melodies in the background makes for a seamless performance.

Diane Birch: She may look coy behind her Rhodes piano. But once Diane Birch gets on the mic, you're more than likely to be blown away with her Carole King vocals. Songs like 'Nothing but a Miracle' make you feel like she was writing about your life. Birch would give a performance you'd never forget.

Regina Spektor: Although you'll mostly see her sitting at the piano, Regina Spektor brings a dynamic to the stage that you don't normally find. Filling her set with hits like 'Fidelity' and 'Better,' she'll also throw in a little of her roots in there with a track or two in Russian.

Ida Maria: You mess with her, and she'll write a song about you. Sure, you may have heard that songwriter story many times, but Ida Maria's songs (like 'I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked') will make you start your own dance party. It's a lot better than sitting in the corner with your good friends Ben & Jerry and a box of tissues.

Noisettes: Led by fashionable singer and bassist Shingai Shoniwa, London's Noisettes will make you sway your hips to their Britpop punk style. "We've always wondered what it might sound like if Billie Holiday fronted a rock band, and thanks to the Noisettes, now we know," said. Not only will you want to look ultra-chic for their set, you'll want to wear your most comfortable dancing shoes so you'll be able to rock out with everyone else.

She & Him: You may have seen Zooey Deschanel show off her pipes in this year's sleeper romantic comedy "(500) Days of Summer," but she's gone way beyond karaoke night. With singer-songwriter M. Ward, the two create beautiful tunes together under the name She & Him. The music is simple, catchy and will definitely get your toe tapping.

All photos courtesy of Getty Images except for She & Him, courtesy Merge Records.