The best Halloween costume ideas are the ones come together on their own -- they're guaranteed to be original, and a homemade costume is a cheap costume. Jessica Schroeder, who runs What I Wore, put together these totally unique ideas that require little more than cruising you and your friends' closets. Check 'em out:

eddie beale halloween costumeGrey Gardens' Eddie Beale
* Brown Turtleneck as head covering, Zara
* Vintage Swimsuit, Etsy
* Tiger Broach at neckline, eBay
* Vintage cocktail ring, originally my mom's
* Tights, Macy's
* Shoes, thrifted
* LOOK magazine (with cousin Jackie O on the cover) thrifted

This is just one of those costumes that your closet is pushing you -- no, begging you -- to wear. Its so simple, too!

There was no hair or makeup to this look and it was absolutely free! One of the keys to my Halloween costume guide is to be more inspired by what you already have than to think up a character and then get frustrated you have no top hat or fur coat or what have you. After re-watching Grey Gardens over the summer, a little light bulb clicked and I associated this vintage swim suit with Little Edie and thought it would make a grand costume.

I love using a sweater or turtleneck over the head, but a scarf would be fine too. I also like how the hose (pants?) have the control top sort of lines. Edie would have totally rocked those.

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george washington halloween costumeGeorge Washington
* Military Style Jacket, ModCloth
* Frilly Blouse, ModCloth
* Leggings
* Tights, We Love Colors
* Shoes, Payless
* Hat, borrowed
* Flag, borrowed

With military jackets all the rage this season, I thought it totally appropriate to make the most awesome costume EVER using mine. To become George Washington I paired the jacket with a frilly blouse, leggings as pantaloons, cream tights underneath and then some shiny shoes. The real 'ta-da' is the powdered 'do.

I created the style by brushing most of my (dirty) hair into a pony tail, and leaving the sides free. Then I took my smallest velcro rollers and did some little side do hickey thingies. I pulled a little extra hair around the edges in an attempt to conceal the roller (which I left in). Then... the BABY POWDER! I just went nutso here and sprinkled it all over the place and lightly tapping my hair so it would soak in.

frida kahlo halloween costumeFrida Kahlo
For putting together the look of Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo (inspired by this Nickolas Muray 1939 photo), I wore:

* Two Faux Flower Pins, dusted with blush, H&M
* Dangly Metallic Earrings, Target
* Stone and Metal necklace, ModCloth
* Black Lace Betsey Johnson dress
* Black Shaw
* Printed Silk Skirt, thrifted
* Various Bracelets, thrifted

While the clothing and accessories set the scene, the real star of this costume is the makeup. I used:

* Eye shadow/liner to create fuller eyebrows
* Eyeliner/Mascara
* Heavy Pink Blush
* Red Lipstick

karl lagerfeld halloween costumeKarl Lagerfeld
* Chanel Inspired DIY Studded Vintage Jacket
* Ruffled Blouse, ModCloth
* Black Belt (worn as tie)
* Black Sunglasses, Fred Flare
* Black Belt
* Black Leggings
* Black Boots
* Measuring Tape, from my sewing kit

After powdering up my entire head for the George Washington costume, I could not let my newly white hair go to waste! Onto the King of Fashion himself! The man behind Chanel -- Karl Lagerfeld!

For the hair I just took out the rollers and pulled all of my hair into a low pony, just like Uncle Karl does.

If I actually decide to go as Karl, I would probably also cut out the double Chanel C from black felt, stabilize it, stud it and then make into a pin for the jacket (just to drive the point home).

There's More!
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