women evolving, futureWell, here's a self-confidence booster -- you're not short and fat, you're just highly evolved.

According to a study by Yale researchers, humans are still evolving, and women are evolving to become shorter and fatter. It is estimated that in 10 generations, women will be two centimeters shorter, weigh one kilogram (around 2.5 lbs.) more, and look back and wonder what kind of freakish monster Angelina Jolie was. ("What are these jeans called 'long' from the Gap?)

But we won't just be jolly little trolls, we'll also be healthier, with the study expecting women to have lower cholesterol and better heart health, start menopause later, and have more children earlier in life. The study observed over 2,000 medical histories from Framingham Heart Studies in Massachusetts. Shorter, heavier women have more children, who also grow up to be shorter and heavier.

Let's also not forget that in addition to shrinking downward while expanding outward, we'll all also have super-hot faces. Short, fat, healthy and hot. Totally awesome.

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