To celebrate that women now make up half of the workforce (woot woot!) Maria Shriver and the Center for American Progress have released "The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Changes Everything." The publication explains what most of us already know -- mainly that Americans love the money that working women make, but they're bummed that women aren't doing as much housework as in ye good old days.

Amusingly, the report touts the fact that men do not feel they've lost the "battle of the sexes." That's no surprise to us.

Maybe back in the day, men genuinely feared that women might start being scary if we started getting jobs, but now that it's happened, men have clearly warmed to the multitude of benefits of women working. For example...

1) Men like money. When you get to split the bills 50/50 with your wife or ladyfriend, that means more money for beer, Xbox games, and porn.

2) More socializing opportunities. Not every straight man has a wife or ladyfriend, but most are aware of the benefits and would like to have one. Considering that Americans spend ever increasing amounts of time at the office, the opportunities to meet new friends or potential lovers outside of a work environment are minimal. Without women at work, men might find their options limited to and being set up on blind dates.

3) Boys stink.
Who wants the office to smell like dude? Many men won't speak about this openly, but if you press them, they'll admit that a big drawback to male-only environments such as locker rooms or the living room on game day is that such spaces start to get that distinct dude smell. It's not just women who find this repugnant.

4) "Mad Men" style.
The continued existence of the pencil skirt and high heels. Without the demands of the office, few women would ever bother to own, much less wear, a pair of high heels with a pencil skirt. But this classically sexy look is the perfect go-to outfit on the job. Men's visual space would be poorer indeed if women stayed at home wearing nothing but clothes conducive to scrubbing and chasing after children.

5) Dutch treats. For all the moaning and groaning you hear from a minority of men who claim to be confused about who pays, most men actually love that they can split the bill when first dating someone. It takes the pressure off both parties to have no other obligations but enjoying the date.

6) Bachelorette pads. Single women have their own places. When women can't work for a decent-sized paycheck, women can't live alone, but often have to live with a parent or in some kind of dormitory. This means the opportunities for sex are few and some are sadly car-based. Screwing like adults in a bed in someone's private apartment is one of the most under-rated results of widespread female employment.

What are the benefits and drawbacks you see to women making up half the workforce?