Of all the crappy, humiliating jobs one could have, dancing by the side of the road with a Quiznos sign ranks pretty high on our list of things we'd rather not do. Well, apparently Jeremy Johnson doesn't feel that way.

The guy was taking a break from his gig holding a Quiznos sign and dancing by the side of the Pennyrile Parkway in Hopkinsville, Ky., when drivers started honking and waving at him (go figure). Johnson said that he decided to light a cigarette, climbed to the top rail of the bridge and start dancing there in response. (Hey, Jeremy, ever heard of a thumbs up?)

Drivers below spotted Johnson and called police, because they thought he was going to boogie himself right off the dang bridge. Police cited him for disorderly conduct. And in classic corporate manner, Johnson's manager said she hopes he was holding his sign the whole time. Johnson is still employed by Quiznos.

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