beerpongIt almost comes as a shock that this didn't happened sooner: New York's Rensselaer Polytech Institute banned beer pong after several students contracted the swine flu during a weekend of drunken fraternizing.

Not to make any bold claims, but we don't think playing the nation's most hygienic drinking game ever is doing anything to prevent the virus from making its rounds -- despite even the most admirable attempts at sanitation. (Because dipping the ping pong ball into a cup of tepid water really eliminates the germs it picks up from bathing in all that backwash and rolling through corner-of-the-garage-floor cat hair ...)

On the upside -- you know we're all about upside -- the swine flu is apparently the untouchable get-out-of-jail-free card of the year.

Tell us: What kind of warnings did your school send out about swine flu? Forward us any emails your school has sent out to Bonus points if you have any stories about entire sororities being incubated after a weekend of debauchery.