You're single and looking for someone as unique and special as you are. That's why a regular online dating site like Match or eHarmony just isn't cutting it. No worries -- we've found a stellar selection of niche dating sites for just about every interest, subculture and semi-socially acceptable fetish.

You Think You're the Dark Lord -- or Just Want to Date Him: You wear black on the outside because black is how you feel on the zzz.....We get it, you're goth. And every gorgeous gothic maiden deserves her own personal Satan. Find your blackhearted mate on Gothic Match.

You Love Your Cat. A Lot: If it's absolutely critical that your lover love Chairman Meow as much as you do, then head to, "Where cat lovers meet and greet."

"The Fountainhead" Is Your Personal Bible: You believe that "reality exists as an objective absolute." You don't care about feelings so much, or at all. You're probably a lot of fun in a relationship. Ayn Rand devotees can meet and coldly profess the futility of emotion via The Atlasphere.

You know your Picard from your Kirk: Hey, "Star Trek" isn't just a mediocre TV franchise -- it's a way of life. Just ask the single souls looking to mingle at Trek Passions, the "Star Trek" dating site.

You Own a Horse Costume. And It Turns You On:
We're not here to judge. If dressing up in a furry pig costume is your idea of a good time, head to Pounced to find a suitable -- and well-suited -- companion.

You Speak Fluent Nerd: CSS lights your fire. LARP-ing (um, live-action role playing) makes you leap for joy. You've seen every iteration of "Dr. Who" and can argue Potter vs. Baggins. You'll find your true love on Geek 2 Geek, we promise.
You Embrace Your Inner Hick: Jerry Miller started Farmers Only for, well, farmers who were interested in meeting others to share the farmer lifestyle. Maybe you plow your own fields or grown your own food -- or just find that really sexy. Because "city folk just don't get it." -- Farmers Only.
You Know That 4:20 Isn't Just a Time of Day But a State of Mind: Because the couple that smokes together stays together, there's 420 Dating, the world's first (only?) weed-themed dating site.

Joey Ramone Is Your Personal Hero: You own several crusty jars of Manic Panic. You've seen the inside of a Hot Topic. You're looking for a Sid to your slightly less-insane Nancy. Find him on (even though there is probably nothing less punk rock than Internet dating).

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