If a lesbian wants to wear a tuxedo, let her wear the tuxedo (you'd think schools would get this by now), but apparently the principal of one high school in Wesson, Miss., disagreed. Now he's gotten himself into quite a bind with the parents ... and possibly the justice system.

Ceara Sturgis has always been open about the fact that she's a lesbian, and she assumed there would be no problem with her appearing in the school yearbook in a tuxedo. Unfortunately, it is Principal Ronald Greer's "conviction" that there will be no girls in tuxedos in his yearbook. Whoopsies, now the ACLU is getting involved, as they think this constitutes a violation of Ceara's rights under the First Amendment.

The ACLU has issued a demand and is hoping the school changes its mind in time for Ceara to make it into the yearbook at all -- the official deadline for photographs was September 30. But not to worry -- Ceara's a straight-A student involved in sports, marching band and Students Against Drunk Driving, so we think she'll probably make it in anyhow.

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